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Group Health Insurance Lancaster PA

Group Health Insurance provides coverage for employees of a company or members of an organization. Shopping for the right group health insurance in Lancaster PA can be challenging and frustrating. Business owners have to first find a competent agent before getting down to the business of comparing the policies of different providers. At Premier One, our insurance agents take all the hassles off your shoulders, helping you find a group health insurance that aligns with your needs and those of your employees.

How Group Health
Insurance Works

Companies often buy group health insurance policies in order for their employees to access medical care. Under the Affordable Care Act, businesses with 50 or more full-time employees must provide group insurance to their employees. As an individual, you cannot buy group health insurance but only enroll as part of a group.

It often requires a 70% participation rate but members can decide to be part of or decline group health insurance. If you decide to enroll in group health insurance, you also have the option of adding dependents and family members at an additional cost. The premiums are split between the companies and employees.

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Why Choose Group Health Insurance?

Lower Premiums - Compared with individual health insurance plans, group health insurance costs are lower. Individuals can expect to pay less with group health plans than they would with individual policies.

Dependents - Individuals who are sole providers in their family or those with dependents can add them to their policy for an extra cost. This is especially beneficial for family members with high-cost individual plans.

Tax Deductible - For both the employer and the employees, they get to enjoy some tax benefits. Monthly premiums paid by employers are tax-deductible, ensuring they pay lower payroll taxes. Employees also have lower income tax as they can pay premiums before income becomes taxable.

How Much Does Group Health Insurance Cost?

The cost of group health insurance varies from organization to organization and is dependent on the number of employees, dependents, age, and location. The cost also depends on the premium plan you choose. You can decide to go for a lower premium and pay a high deductible or a higher premium with a lower deductible.

Give your employees and their families the best healthcare while you save on taxes and attract the best talents in the business. Let’s get you the right group health insurance Lancaster PA on your terms and budget! Call our group health insurance agency today to learn more!

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Confused about Medicare? We're here to help!

As an Independent Firm, we have the ability to find you the right coverage.

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